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Fr. Roger Mercurio, C.P., has compiled this chronology of the
Provinces of St. Paul the Cross and Holy Cross.

1694300 Years
Birth of Paul Francis Daneo, Founder of the Congregation.
1794200 Years
John M. Cioni, Historian & Confidant of St. Paul, General.
Fast is mitigated, beatification processes furthered.
1854140 YearsBlessing of Pittsburgh Monastery.Opening of the Novitiate.
1864130 YearsPeter Maganotto with seven priests and two brothers makes a foundation at Virginia City, Nevada.
1884110 YearsFirst foundation in St. Louis made on Page Avenue.
1894100 Years
St. Francis Hieronymo Retreat opened at St. Paul, KS.First Missionary Congress held at Pittsburgh, PA.Cornerstone laying for Holy Cross Church in Cincinnati, June.Blessing of Holy Cross Church in Buenos Aires, Argentina, March 11th; a part of the American province of St. Paul of the Cross.
190490 YearsSt. Ann’s Monastery opened in Scranton, PA; first Mass on March 25th and dedication on July 2nd.Property bought in Chicago; Immaculate Conception Parish organized.Provincial Stephen Kealy died July 17th.
191480 YearsThe General Chapter was held in Rome.World War I started.Laymen’s Retreat League began at St. Gabriel’s in Boston, MA.Veronica’s Veil opened at St. Joseph’s in Union City, NJ.
191975 Years
The Confraternity of the Passion started at St. Michael’s, Union City, NJ.
192470 YearsSt. Ann’s Novena began at Scranton.St. Vincent Strambi on the Hudson was opened.Western Curia decides to found Mater Dolorosa in Los Angeles, CA.Immaculate Conception Monastery blessed in Jamaica, NY.First Western Passionists join China Mission.
193460 YearsFire struck St. Michael’s Church, Union City, May 31st, feast of Corpus Christi.Cuthbert O’Gara consecrated Bishop of the Apostolic Vicariate of Yuanling, China.Dedication of the Monastery & Church of Schwarzenfeld, Germany; designed and built by Christopher Berlo of the East.Opening of St. Gabriel’s Parish in Brighton.Poor Sisters of Jesus Crucified founded by Alphonsus Maria Urbanowicz at Brockton, MA.

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