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  • Read Fr. Rob Carbonneau’s recently published article: “The Genesis of The Bible Today.” It was published in the Catholic periodical The Bible Today Volume 40 (September/October 2002): pp. 272-277. The article celebrates the fortieth anniversary of The Bible Today by tracing the role that Passionist Father Barnabas Ahern had in the founding of the journal.
  • Get the latest video on Passionist history. It is on The Basilica of the National Shrine of St. Ann, Scranton, PA. The title of the video is “The Amazing Story 1902-2002.” This 90-minute video celebrates the 100th anniversary of St. Ann’s in Scranton.
    • Lecture One: “How It All Began: 1902 to Fr. John Joseph Endler, C.P.” by Father Charles Connor, Ph.D., Historian, Diocese of Scranton;
    • Lecture Two: “How It Grew: Fr. John Joseph Endler Until Today” by Father Rob Carbonneau, C.P., Ph.D., Historian, Province of St. Paul of the Cross;
    • Lecture Three: “Today and Tomorrow” by Father Cassian Yuhaus, C.P.To buy the video send a $10.00 check payable to The Passionist Historical Archives. The mailing address is 526 Monastery Pl.; Union City, NJ 07087
  • Workshops: On November 5, 2002 Fr. Rob Carbonneau, C.P. and Ms. Anita Lewis, Archives Associate, attended an Archivists of Religious Institutions workshop at Fordham University. The topic was “Volunteers in the Mission of an Archives.”
  • Documentation Given to the Archives: In October 2002 Father John Michael Lee, C.P. sent two boxes of documentation on the Passionist ministries in Canada over the past decades.
  • New material on the website: The tables of contents for the 1921-1959 issues of Sign magazine are now on our website. We also have historical summaries on the various foundations in the province. Look under “Archives Holdings”.

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