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The Passionist Historical Archives holds a variety of sources on the Passionist music ministry.

Did you know the archives has documentation that shows:

  • Father Lawrence Moeslein, C.P. wrote “Homo Dei – Sanctus Paulus Cruce.”
  • Father Theophane Maguire, C.P., former China Missionary, wrote music under the pseudonym Wayne Mallon
  • Father Norbert Herman, C.P., published music and maintained an active correspondence on the topic: circa 1940s.
  • Father Justin Mulcahy, C.P. was a teacher of music in the Passionist Seminary.
  • Brighton Monastery: St. Gabriel’s Monastery, Brighton, Massachusetts had a Sacred Music Series.
  • Programs of organ recitals at the St. Paul’s Monastery, Pittsburgh 1981-1986
  • St. Paul of the Cross Province Printshop printed morning and evening prayer booklet with music.
  • Father David Cinquegrani, C.P. continues to uphold the Passionist music ministry through the release of various tapes and CDs performed by the Passionist Community. They are: “Love Casts Out Fear” Music in the Passionist tradition (1995); “Every Knee Shall Bend” Music for Advent and Christmas (1997); “By the Breath of God” Music to Celebrate the Spirit (1999); “Here in the Heart of God” Instrumental Music (2002). Please contact the archives if you would like to buy these CDs. Proceeds assist the Passionist Retirement Fund.

Record albums:

  • Saint Ann’s Monastery Parish Christmas Concert 1984; Scranton, Pennsylvania; Presented by the combined music ministries which consisted of: St. Ann’s Choir, Children’s Choir, Folk groups, Bell Choir, and Men’s Choir. Mr. David J. Cinquegrani was the Music Director.
  • Songs of Emmanuel by the St. Ann’s Monastic Choir – Passionist Fathers Scranton, Pennsylvania; Directed by Father Xavier Hayes, C.P.
  • Praise Be To Thee O Lord by the Holy Cross Seminary Choir Produced by the Passionist Fathers; Dunkirk, New York; Directed by Father Xavier Hayes, C.P.
  • Healing River; Produced by Holy Family Retreat House, West Hartford, Connecticut Folk Group; Director: Virginia Peatie

Reflection from the back cover of the record album, “Healing River” produced by Holy Family Retreat House, West Hartford, Connecticut:

“It is the task of the priest team at Holy Family—of Fr. Vince [Youngberg] and Fr. Linus [Rottloff], of Fr. John [O’Brien] and Fr. Tom [Stanton]—of the Choir—and of the retreatants themselves to create the liturgical community… to convert a group of praying individuals into a unity of worship.

Listen not just to the words and melodies, but to persons in community who bring the mystery of reverence and excitement to their song.

They experience God’s love as a Healing River which brings hope that grows—hope that lives”

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