Brother Aloysius Schoeppner, C.P., Holy Cross Province (1888-1959)

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Born June 22, 1888 in Sharpsburg, Pennsylvania, he was educated through the sixth grade where the only language spoken was German. In time he went to be a helper at a glass factory, but by the time he was eighteen he thought that the routine of the work did not offer any solace. He had a cousin who was a Passionist priest and decided that he would look into the possibility of entering the same religious congregation. Therefore, he was sent to Dunkirk, New York to begin studying for the priesthood, but he did not make progress due to his lack of education. He made the decision to become a brother. He professed his vows on June 17, 1906 and spent the next twenty five years in the tailor shop and shoe shop. In 1918 Brother Schoeppner was drafted into the United States Army as there were no deferments for non-ordained religious at that time. He arrived at the Jefferson Barracks near St. Louis, Missouri just at the same time as the flu attack hit the camp at full force. He died at Resurrection Hospital, Chicago, Illinois.