Brother Anthony Blankemeyer, C.P., Holy Cross Province (1897-1955)

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Born Herman Blankemeyer on May 28, 1897 in Cincinnati, Ohio, he entered the Passionist novitiate in Louisville, Kentucky at age seventeen. He professed his vows on October 18, 1915. His religious name was Anthony. He was employed as a cook and a tailor. After profession of his vows he was assigned to the Preparatory College, Normandy, Missouri where he lived for seventeen years. He made vestments which ended up in many of the Passionist monasteries. Shortly before the opening of Christ the King Retreat at Citrus Heights, California in 1950, Brother Blankemeyer was called to that site where he set up the kitchen and set up furnishings for the retreat house. He was very popular among the members of the Retreat League. In 1951 he suffered his first heart attack and spent some months in and out of the hospital. By the end of the year his health was good enough to allow him to be assigned to Clayton, Missouri and the new retreat house there. But heart problems continued and he was sent back to Citrus Heights in February 1955 where all he could do was help cook and work at the tailor shop. He died a member of this community.