Brother Frederick Morris, C.P. Holy Cross Province (1871-1919)

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Born Daniel Morris on March 19, 1871 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, he was the son of John Morris and Helen Cunningham. At 22 years old he was vested with the Passionist habit on April 17, 1893 and professed his vows on April 18, 1894 after completing his novitiate with the name Brother Frederick.

Brother Frederick was a brother cook. He had a great spirit of service. He cared for those who needed personal care and for the priests who returned from preaching missions and required their customary refreshments. He was always on call. At the same time, Brother Frederick was noted for his charity towards the poor. So generous was he that his superiors had to sometimes intervene. Brother Frederick was respected by his fellow Passionists and those outside the monastery.

Brother Morris died at Immaculate Conception Retreat in Chicago after a long bout with asthma, dropsy, and heart trouble. He had been confined to the infirmary for much of 1919. His problems had been diagnosed by doctors in 1916. In April, 1918 he had double pneumonia. Brought to the hospital, he recovered, came back to the monastery and assumed charge of the kitchen. Soon the job became too much for him. He received the last sacraments in the presence of his Passionist community. He finally died on September 23, 1919 after several weeks of illness and was buried at Sacred Heart Retreat, Louisville, Kentucky. He had been professed for twenty-five years.