Brother Jeremiah Crowley, C.P., St. Paul of the Cross Province (1895-1975)

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Born April 10, 1895 in County Kerry, Ireland, he came to the United States as a young man and settled in Baltimore, Maryland where he worked as a street car conductor. In 1918 he entered the Passionist monastery in that city with a desire to be a Passionist brother. However, he did not profess his vows until October 19, 1973. In 1919 he reached the decision that it was not wise to pronounce his vows, but at the same time he had a desire to be of service to the Passionists without pay. So he went to the Passionist community in West Springfield, Massachusetts where he attended prayer and worked as a maintenance man. Much of the credit for the beautiful landscaping in West Springfield and later in West Hartford, Connecticut was due to his skills. During World War II much of the food problem in West Springfield was solved because Jeremiah Crowley operated a garden for the monastery and retreat house. When he inherited a large amount of property adjacent to the West Springfield monastery he donated that property to the Passionists. When the new monastery was built in West Hartford he was transferred there to assist in the building. He became an inspiration to many of the men who came on retreat to West Hartford. As his life was coming to an end his request to take Passionist vows was accepted in 1973. Later On August 3, 1975 he was rushed to St. Elizabeth’s Hospital, Brighton, Massachusetts because of cardiac arrest. He died several days later. His obituary states that he follows in the tradition of other laymen who took vows: Chris McKenna, Pat Hagen, Eugene Kane, and Henry Kendall.