Brother Justin Gerrity, C.P., Holy Cross Province (1901-1989)

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Born June 17, 1901. Prior to joining the Passionists he worked in a furniture store which catered to the upper crust. He also worked for a number of years at an A&P warehouse. At approximately fifty years of age he entered the Passionist novitiate after he had spent a year with the Trappists. He was professed on March 25, 1951. He was often considered a gentle man but possessed moments when his temper would flare. He was also a private person and in many ways for his thirty five years as a Passionists, where he set and cleared tables in the kitchen, he reflected on the simplicity and overall contribution of his purpose in relation to God and the Passionist vocation. At times he wondered if other Passionists had given more with their life. In this sense he was pensive even as he was generous. He died at Daneo Hall in Chicago, Illinois.