Brother Paul Quino, C.P., Holy Cross Province (1884-1940)

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Born William Quino on July 8, 1884 in Louisville, Kentucky, at twenty-six years old he sought admittance to the Passionists as a Lay-Brother. After a short time he returned home. Then one day, while attending the Kentucky Derby he won a large amount of money. To celebrate he went to a movie which depicted, as part of the story, the torments of hell. This went straight to the heart of William and after a sleepless night he went back to the monastery in Louisville and asked for one more opportunity. He was professed as a Lay-Brother at the Louisville novitiate on January 1, 1911. For years he was a cook in different monasteries. He was a large robust man but had a shriveled leg as a result of a childhood injury. This daily suffering was part of his everyday experience. About five years before his death he began to weaken and was given the assignment of Porter at Holy Cross Monastery, Cincinnati, Ohio but later returned to cooking at his own request. It was not long before a heart affliction sidelined him again. Superiors sent him to various monasteries and they sought advice of heart specialists. He ended his earthly journey in Louisville.