Brother Romuald Reuber, C.P. Holy Cross Province (1879-1957)

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Born Joseph Reuber on August 2, 1879 he grew up in the shadows of the Passionist monastery in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. In 1898 he walked up the hill and started his Passionist novitiate with the hopes of being a priest. But the next year, 1899, he left the novitiate. He was rejected in his quest to be a priest due to bad eyesight and lack of academic ability. After some thought, he returned in February 1900 to the Passionists with the desire to be a Passionist brother. He professed his vows on February 20, 1901 as was known as Brother Romuald.

When Holy Cross Province came into being in 1906 Brother Reuber was assigned to Louisville, Kentucky and decided to stay there. In later years he was assigned to Passionists foundations in Chicago, Illinois, St. Louis, Missouri, and St. Paul, Kansas. He returned to Louisville in 1936. Physically strong, Brother Reuber was a good worker on the outside grounds and a faithful man of prayer.

In subsequent years Brother Reuber was janitor and refectorian in Cincinnati, Ohio, Detroit, Michigan and Des Moines, Iowa. There he suffered his first stoke in 1956. In his final years he was dispensed from keeping the Passionist observance due to health and would often spend time in private prayer. On August 19, 1957 Brother Reuber suffered another stroke. Fortunately his blood sisters, Sister Agnes Marie Reuber, a Sister of Charity from Pittsburgh and another sister, the Passionist Sister superior in Pittsburgh had a chance to see him before he died on September 9, 1957. After his funeral liturgy at Des Moines, he was buried at the Warrenton, Missouri.