Confrater Andrew Tansey (1889-1908)

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Born Thomas Tansey on September 9, 1889 in Jersey City, New Jersey. His father was Michael Tansey. His mother was Sarah Brown. He was orphaned at an early age and cared for by his relatives. While attending the Christian Brothers School he met a Passionist. Their conversation led him to enter the Passionist Preparatory Seminary at Dunkirk, New York. After one year he proceeded on to the novitiate in Louisville, Kentucky. He pronounced his vows on December 18, 1907. After profession, he moved to Holy Cross Retreat, Cincinnati, Ohio. Shortly thereafter they discovered that he had tuberculosis. Immediately he was dispensed from the rigorous prayer schedule and sent to St. Paul, Kansas where it was hoped his health would improve.

Tansey’s death was accidental. On Thursday September 17 Tansey went out for a walk with one of the priests. A thunder storm rolled in. With swiftness Confrater Andrew Tansey was struck by lightning. He was anointed immediately by the priest. He was nineteen years old.