Father Anthony Maloney, C.P., Holy Cross Province (1900-1982)

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Born August 13, 1900 in Louisville, Kentucky, he professed his vows on February 20, 1917 and was ordained on December 22, 1923. He was assigned as a missionary to Hunan, China. In China he was in charge of a seminary, governed the House of Studies, and was assistant procurator.

He then was assigned to Hong Kong after being expelled from China after the Communists took over in 1949. In Hong Kong he greeted missionaries on their release out of China. He was the editor of Hunan News. He then went to the Philippines. After his service there he came back to the United States where he resided at Cincinnati, Ohio. There he was pastor of Immaculata Parish. Subsequently, he went to Sierra Madre, California where he taped various programs which he forwarded to Maryknoll missionaries who lived in Taiwan. Finally, he was assigned to Daneo
Hall, Chicago, Illinois.

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