Father Arthur Derrig, C.P., St. Paul of the Cross Province (1910-1966)

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Born Tom Derrig on December 28, 1910 in Dunmore, Pennsylvania he went to Dunmore Public School and St. Mary’s High School after which he worked as a clothing salesman between New York City and Scranton, Pennsylvania. After two of his close friends decided to join the Passionist seminary, Tom did as well and went to the Passionist Prep School, Dunkirk, New York. He made his novitiate in West Springfield, Massachusetts and was professed on August 15, 1936. He was ordained a priest on February 27, 1943 at Darlington Seminary, New Jersey by Archbishop Boland. After ordination he served as vice-master of novices, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He was then director of students, vice-rector at St. Paul’s Monastery, Pittsburgh and then Immaculate Conception Monastery, Jamaica, New York. During the parish mission season he was an active preacher. While in Jamaica, New York his health began to fail so he was relieved of his office and appointed as field representative for the Hour of the Crucified. Because of a bad heart, hypertension, and diabetes he was transferred from Union City, New Jersey to Scranton where the familiarity of the area made him come to life, even with his fragile health. His knowledge of publicity caught the attention of the Chamber of Commerce and he was asked to serve on the Scranton Centennial Celebration in 1966. Father Derrig also had the appointment of directing the St. Ann’s Mission Cooperative to assist the Passionist overseas missions. He was preparing for one of those mission celebrations when he suffered a massive stroke and died.