Father Aurelius Hanley, C.P., Holy Cross Province (1874-1958)

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Born November 28, 1874 in Louisville, Kentucky, he met the Passionists at Sacred Heart Retreat there and eventually went to the Preparatory Seminary at St. Mary’s, Dunkirk, New York. Later, he went to the Passionist novitiate in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and professed his vows on November 3, 1891. He was ordained a priest on December 8, 1898 in West Hoboken, New Jersey. After his ordination at twenty-four years of age he was director of students for two years at the Preparatory Seminary in Dunkirk. He also served as one of the professors. The rest of his life he was beset by illness but did have the opportunity to participate as a preacher of missions and retreats. The last years of his life were spent at the infirmaries of Holy Cross Monastery, Cincinnati, Ohio and Immaculate Conception Monastery, Chicago, Illinois. He had a brother who was a Passionist – Father Benedict Hanley.