Father Denis Callagee, C.P., Holy Cross Province (1861-1943)

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Born Michael Callagee on October 8, 1861 in Dunkirk, New York he had a twin brother Martin. They were the sons of Michael Callagee and Margaret Kelly. They grew up in St. Mary’s Parish, Dunkirk. He professed his vows on July 7, 1880 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. His religious name was Denis. He was a student in Louisville, Kentucky and was ordained on October 28, 1885 in West Hoboken, New Jersey. On August 16, 1888 he became vice-master of novices and until September 2, 1920 refused the office of master of novices. He finally did serve in the position for twelve years. He also served as rector, parish priest, vicar, director of students and head of the Preparatory School. In 1937 he suffered a stroke He died in Louisville, Kentucky.

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