Father Fabian Fortune, C.P., St. Paul of the Cross Province (1890-1947)

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Born William Fortune on May 13, 1890 in Brooklyn, New York, he was the son of William Fortune and Anastasia Walsh. He attended St. Stephen’s School, Brooklyn and worked part time United States Steel Company, New York. In the spring of 1907 he applied for admission in the Passionists and was accepted into the College Preparatory School at St. Mary’s, Dunkirk, New York. On May 25, 1909 he professed his vows and received the religious name Fabian. He then proceeded on for two years of study at St. Ann’s, Scranton, Pennsylvania. In 1911 he went on to St. Joseph’s Monastery, Baltimore, Maryland. In 1913 he was at St. Gabriel’s, Brighton, Massachusetts and in 1914 he was at St. Michael’s Monastery, West Hoboken, New Jersey.On May 30, 1917 he was ordained a priest at St. Michael’s by Bishop Paul J. Nussbaum, C.P. of Corpus Christi, Texas. He was assigned to work with Bishop Nussbaum in Corpus Christi, Texas where he worked as a parish priest and secretary to the bishop often traveling with him as he went to celebrate confirmations. From 1920 until 1926 he was assigned as a parish priest at St. Mary’s, Dunkirk and then Baltimore. In 1926 he was appointed assistant superior of the Brighton monastery for three years and then had the same assignment in Union City. Then he was once again assigned to the Baltimore monastery where he assisted in the confessional and at the Monday novena services. He died in Baltimore.