Father Fidelis Kent Stone, C.P., Holy Cross Province (1840-1921)

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Born James Kent Stone in Boston, Massachusetts on November 10, 1840 he has to be considered one of the most unique members of the Passionist Congregation in the United States and, for that matter, the world. He was from well-established Protestant families, the Kents and the Stones. He graduated from Harvard College in Cambridge, Massachusetts and completed studies in Germany. He saw the turmoil of the United States Civil War. He was ordained an Episcopal priest. He was the president of Hobart and then Kenyon College.

On December 8, 1869 he entered the Roman Catholic Church. He became a priest with the Paulist Community in 1872 after the death of his wife. He left the care of his daughters to the Sisters of Mercy. In 1876 he decided to enter the Passionists. He took his vows on August 11, 1878 and received the name Fidelis. He was a key person of leadership in the Passionists. He was influential in founding the Passionists in South America, he was a Master of Novices, Provincial, Consultor General. He was an esteemed lecturer. Two major books were The Invitation Heeded New York , 1870 and An Awakening and What Followed Notre Dame, 1920. Before he died he was able to be reunited with his children in California.

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