Father Finan Storey, C.P., Holy Cross Province (1907-2000)

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Born October 13, 1907 in Des Moines, Iowa, he was the son of John Storey and Mary Gorman. He graduated from Iowa State High School, Des Moines. He visited Immaculate Conception Monastery, Chicago, Illinois in August 1928 and spoke with Father Jerome Reuterman, C.P. He wrote to the Passionist Preparatory Seminary, Normandy, Missouri four times in August 1928 and was allowed to enter on August 30, 1928. He professed his vows in Louisville, Kentucky on July 30, 1931 and was ordained in the same city on June 3, 1939. His year of sacred eloquence was in Cincinnati, Ohio and he was vice-master of novices at St. Paul, Kansas from 1940 until 1941. The master of novices was Father Malcolm Lavelle, C.P. In April 1942 he was made vicar of the monastery in Des Moines. In 1943, Father Storey, then vice-rector and Brother Columban were assigned as the air raid wardens for the monastery. They both took a first aid course. In 1943 he preached appeals for the Passionist Missions to Black Catholics in Alabama. In 1945 he went to Cincinnati. From November 1945 through the summer of 1946 he was provincial secretary. In September 1946 he was assigned to Detroit, Michigan and in 1947 was assigned as assistant pastor to Father Bertrand Abel, C.P. who was pastor at St. Ann’s Church, Normandy, Missouri. In July 1947 St. Ann’s Parish was transferred to care of the Archdiocese of St. Louis; so Father Storey was assigned as assistant pastor at St. Rita’s Parish, Sierra Madre, California. Father Leo Scheibel, C.P. was pastor. In 1949 Father Storey was retreat master for the ladies at St. Joseph’s Convent, Owensboro, Kentucky and was stationed in Louisville until 1951. From 1951 until 1956 he was back in Des Moines where he was a preacher of parish missions and renewals. In 1956 he was at the retreat house, Citrus Heights, California. In 1963 he was at the retreat house in Warrenton, Missouri. During that time he also preached in other Passionist retreat houses in Holy Cross Province. From September to December 1969 he was at the Passionist residence in Des Moines before monastery was closed and sold. He was also assigned to San Miquel in San Anselmo, California with Father Bartholomew Adler. In 1975 he accepted an offer to work at the T.V. and Radio Apostolate, West Springfield, Massachusetts. He stayed there until 1977. He then spent another year at the Passionist Nuns Convent, Clarks Summit, Pennsylvania were he gave retreats and served as a chaplain. In 1979 he returned to Chicago, Illinois. In 1984 he became chaplain to St. Benedict’s Home, Niles, Illinois. He spent the remainder of his years in Daneo Hall, Chicago.