Father Germain Heilman, C.P., St. Paul of the Cross Province (1905-1978)

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Born Francis Heilman on April 25, 1905 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, he was the son of Henry Heilman and Mary Ann Wuerl. He attended St. Joseph’s Grammar School from 1911 until 1919 and St. Joseph’s Commercial High School from 1919 until 1921. He went to Dusquense University Prep from 1921 until 1923 and the College from 1923 until 1925 when he then went to Holy Cross Seminary, Dunkirk, New York. He was vested in Pittsburgh but professed his vows on November 21, 1926 at West Springfield, Massachusetts. His religious name was Germain. He was ordained on May 22 1932 by Archbishop Thomas Walsh, Newark, New Jersey at Union City. From 1932 until 1947 he was a China missionary. He was a pastor at Kaotsun and wrote for Sign Magazine. He worked with the Miao. He also was stationed in Wuki and Chihkiang. In 1937 he had a year furlough. From 1947 until 1949 he was in Pittsburgh; from 1949 until 1950 he was in Union City; from 1950 until 1951 he was in West Springfield; and from 1951 until 1952 he was a member of the parish staff at St. Joseph’s Parish, Union City. From 1952 until 1957 he did special work for the American military Armed Forces. In 1957 he volunteered for the Philippines. In 1958 he was back again in Pittsburgh; then from 1958 until 1959 in Scranton, Pennsylvania; and then in 1959 in Union City. From 1959 until 1969 he was in Germany and from 1969 until 1979 in Pittsburgh. An invalid from 1969 on, he died at Mercy Hospital, Pittsburgh.

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