Father Herbert Young, C.P., St. Paul of the Cross Province (1902-1948)

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Born Robert Arthur Young in Normandy, Ontario, Canada on June 9, 1902, he was the youngest of ten children born to William and Margaret Lynch Young. Educated in the local Separate School he received his Christian education at home. He completed high school at St. Jerome College, Kitchner, Ontario. In September 1923 he went to Holy Cross Seminary, Dunkirk, New York after hearing a parish mission by a Passionist in Ayton, Ontario. Upon completion of novitiate in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania he professed his vows on August 15, 1923. At first he had the religious name Jeremiah and later in student life it was changed to Herbert. He was ordained a priest on February 8, 1931 at Immaculate Conception Monastery Church, Jamaica, New York by Bishop John J. Dunne, Auxiliary Bishop of New York. After sacred eloquence he was assigned to the new foundation at Toronto, Canada. In 1938 he was assigned to Dunkirk, New York. In both assignments he did extensive preaching. In 1939 he was assigned to Our Mother of Sorrows Retreat, West Springfield, Massachusetts. In 1939 he was appointed to be superior of Pittsburgh and assigned to the same office in 1941 at Union City. While he had a large physique, he often struggled with his health. In 1944 he resigned his passive voice at the chapter and shortly after was assigned as hospital chaplain at St. Agnes Hospital, Baltimore, Maryland. During his rounds in April 1945 he collapsed of a heart attack and was hospitalized. In June 1945 he left the hospital and went to Holy Cross, Dunkirk where he had heart problems and had to go to Mercy Hospital, Buffalo, New York. Recovered, he began to teach at the Prep. At first he did not like it, but eventually enjoyed the assignment. By September 1947 he was able to reassume a regular class schedule and serve as a confessor. In December 1948 heart problems occurred again and eventually this led to his death.