Father Hilary Katlewski, C.P. Holy Cross Province (1897-1962)

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Born in Norris Run, Pennsylvania on August 28, 1897, he was the son of Felix and Anna Katlewski. He entered the Passionists in his early twenties. He professed his vows on November 11, 1919 and was ordained to the priesthood at St. Paul, Kansas on February 1, 1925.

His first assignment was to teach physics at the Passionist Preparatory Seminary Normandy, Missouri where he built a physics lab. A short time later he commenced his thirty year ministry as a preacher throughout the Midwest and the South to priests, sisters, laity and others. He preached in Polish and English.

In order to be a more effective preacher Father Katlewski designed a modern mission crucifix which brought precision and drama to the mission experience for all who saw it. He also paid great attention to the making of Passionist signs or emblems that were worn with the religious habit.

In 1957 Father Katlewski suffered a heart attack. He spent his final years assigned to the Passionist community in Sierra Madre, California where he continued to preach when his health allowed. After another heart attack he died on September 2, 1962. He was buried in Detroit, Michigan.