Father Isidore Dwyer, C.P., Holy Cross Province (1867-1949)

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Born Richard Dwyer on January 23, 1867 in Central Mine, Michigan, he was the son of Timothy Dwyer and Mary Harrington. He was professed on November 23, 1889 and ordained on September 19, 1896. He spent the first ten years of his ministry in South America. Later he ministered in the Panama Canal Zone. He then returned to the United States and was a preacher of retreats and missions. The last fifteen years of his ministry were among the Mexicans in lower California and Mexico. In 1944 ill health required that he come back to the province. During the early years of his priesthood he suffered an accident that would cause him health problems throughout his life. The most consistent influence was on his diet. He had many restrictions and insomnia as well. He died as a member of the community in Louisville, Kentucky.