Father John Aelred Torisky, C.P., Holy Cross Province (1907-1992)

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Born December 27, 1907 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania just a few blocks from the Passionist monastery, at thirteen years old he went to the Passionist Preparatory Seminary in Dunkirk, New York. However he learned that the prep was full and after two years he was asked to leave. Still he was not to let his desire leave and in 1925 his persistence paid off. After he finished high school, with the help of Father Eugene Kozar, C.P. he went to the novitiate for Holy Cross Province in Louisville, Kentucky. He professed his Passionist vows on October 30, 1926. He then went to St. Paul, Kansas. He was able to catch up academically and at twenty-four he needed special permission to be ordained. So he was ordained on December 20, 1931 at the Quigley Seminary Chapel in Chicago, Illinois by Bishop Bernard Sheil. He was assigned to be the vice-master of novices which he fulfilled for five years. Then he became director of students in Detroit, Michigan. Now eight years after ordination he began his preaching career where he was often preaching in Slovak. At sixty-five years old he decided to go to the Passionist mission in the Philippines. He stayed there fourteen years where he preached retreats and was also the Master of Novices. In 1985 he returned to the United States for a medical evaluation and stayed in Sierra Madre, California for five years where he had a limited involvement in ministry.