Father John Luke Baudinelli, C.P., St. Paul of the Cross Province (1830-1898)

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Above photo shows Father John Luke Baudinelli, C.P.

Born on November 1, 1830 in Sarzana Province, Tuscany, Italy he had two other brothers who were Passionists: Father John Philip and Father John Baptist. Father John Luke entered the Passionists at sixteen. He was professed on May 4, 1847. On December 17, 1853 he was ordained a priest. Father Baudinelli was sent to the United States in 1854 and resided in the newly established foundation at Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Within fourteen months he had developed a mastery of German so as to minister to the German Catholics of St. Michael’s Parish, Pittsburgh. In 1860 Father Baudenelli was named pastor and during his three year term built a brick church begun by his predecessor. In 1863 he was named superior of the Pittsburgh foundation. He was then elected the Second Provincial Consultor. In 1868 he was asked to found St. Joseph’s German parish in Pittsburgh. Dedicated in 1870, he remained there until 1882. In 1890 Father Baudenelli was elected Rector of the Passionist foundation in Louisville, Kentucky but declined the appointment. In 1897 he celebrated his golden jubilee, returned for a visit to Italy, and upon his return to the United States suffered a hemorrhage. Still he made it back to Pittsburgh where he died on November 19, 1898.