Father John Philip Baudinelli, C.P., St. Paul of the Cross Province (1838-1891)

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Photo of John Philip Baudenelli. C.P.

Above is an image of Father John Luke Baudenelli, C.P.

Born May 1, 1838, his older brother John Luke Baudinelli was also a Passionist. He professed his vows on May 15, 1854 at San Angelo, Lucca, Italy. He was ordained on December 22, 1860 by Cardinal Patrizzi at St. John’s Lateran, Rome. In 1863 he was sent to the mission in the United States. He arrived on June 13 with Passionist Fathers Peter Guido, Ammadeus, Augustine, and Paul Hyacinth and from there went to Virginia City, Nevada. That venture failed and he was told to stay in the United States to assist the Passionists there. On October 28, 1865 he arrived in New York City. On July 16, 1869 he was elected rector of St. Michael’s Monastery, West Hoboken, New Jersey and was re-elected on August 5, 1872. He visited Italy in 1870 with Provincial Albinus Magno, C.P. and again in 1878. He built St. Paul of the Cross Church, Jersey City, New Jersey as well as St. Michael’s Church, West Hoboken. He was a zealous preacher of parish missions and was popular because he had a good command of English. He was a professor of theology. He was a linguist and was fluent in Latin, French, and English, as well as his native Italian. He could be shy among strangers but open with people with whom he was familiar. In his later years he suffered from chronic rheumatism. In August 1891 he was stricken with pneumonia. He was a member of St. Mary’s, Dunkirk, New York community when he died.