Father John Thomas Stephanini, C.P. (1835-1896)

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While Fr. Stephanini died as a member of Presentation Province in Rome Italy, he contributed much as a member of St. Paul of the Cross Province in earlier years. He was born in Allimiere, within the diocese of Civita Veccia, in the Papal States on September 11, 1835 to Giuseppe Stephanini (Stefanini) and Teresa Tonti. He professed September 25, 1852 and was ordained April 3, 1858. He and John Baptist Baudinelli came to the United States later that same year.

Fr. Stephanini became professor of the first class of students upon his arrival in Pittsburgh. He was one of the 11 capitulars at the first Provincial Chapter in 1863. Later, in 1865, he was made the rector of the new Baltimore foundation. From 1866-1869 he was rector of St. Paul’s in Pittsburgh and was Master of Novices from 1872-1875. He was elected Provincial for 3 terms 1875-1878 and 1881-1887 followed by a term as First Consultor. In 1890 he returned to Italy where he was elected Consultor-General in 1893. He died while holding that office on December 10, 1896.

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