Father Paul Hyacinth Greco, C.P., St. Paul of the Cross Province (1837-1893)

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Born Joseph Greco on October 12, 1837 at Anticoli, Italy, he professed his Passionist vows on December 19, 1854 at Monte Argentario, Italy. He was ordained on June 1, 1860 by Cardinal Patrizzi at St. John’s Lateran, Rome. He arrived in New York on June 13, 1863 on route to California to start a new foundation with Father Peter Magagnotto, Father John Philip Baudinelli, Father Amadeo, Father Augustine and Father Guido. The California foundation, however, failed and Father Greco came east to St. Paul of the Cross Province on October 28, 1865. In 1866 he was sent to the Mexico foundation. However, there occurred the revolution of 1867 which meant he had to leave and return to the United States. He returned to Mexico in 1877 and continued to minister there. He did return to the United States for official business and to attend provincial chapters since Mexico was under jurisdiction of St. Paul of the Cross Province. He was rector of Toluca and Vice-Provincial. One record says that in the course of two years in Mexico he conducted forty-eight missions in the Chiapas diocese. As he aged he suffered from chronic diabetes. On April 30, 1893 he was stricken by an attack of influenza from which he had a quick recovery. But he had an attack of venal cholic on May 12, 1893. Pneumonia set in and then with diabetes he eventually died.

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