Father Paulinus Doran, C.P., St. Paul of the Cross Province (1880-1919)

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Born John Doran on August 5, 1880 in Scipio, New York, he was the son of Michael Doran and Catherine Doran. He professed his vows as a Passionist on November 13, 1900 and received the religious name Paulinus. He was ordained a priest on June 30, 1906 in Scranton, Pennsylvania by Bishop Hoban. He was assigned to St. Mary’s, Dunkirk, New York as an assistant pastor. Then he was a vice director of the Passionist Preparatory School there. Assignment as a mission preacher in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; Scranton; and Brighton, Massachusetts followed but because his health began to fail it was decided that he might be of greater service at St. Michael’s Monastery Church, West Hoboken, New Jersey. In 1916 he began teaching classics at the Preparatory School which was now located at St. Joseph’s Monastery, Baltimore, Maryland after which he was assigned to Brighton where he was asked to preach a series of sermons for non-Catholics. Again, his health began to fail. In 1917 he volunteered to work in the Corpus Christi, Texas diocese as rector of St. Patrick’s Cathedral with Bishop Paul Nussbaum, C.P. who had been assigned bishop there in 1913. It was there he remained until his death. During all this time he was continually plagued by stomach trouble Both Father Doran and Father Sheid, who was the chancellor of the diocese died of the flu epidemic within hours of one another in Spohn Sanitarium where both priests had been taken ten days earlier. This was a blow to the diocese. Father Mark Moeslein preached the funeral homily. Mr Joseph A. Downey accompanied Father Doran’s body by train from Corpus Christi to West Hoboken. In Corpus Christi, as a mark of respect for the deceased priests, the city hall was closed on Monday morning after the funeral services and the flag of the building was flown at half staff the next day. The Corpus Christi Caller had an editorial on Thursday, January 18, 1919. Father Doran’s body arrived in West Hoboken January 23 and he was buried from St. Michael’s Church on January 25, 1919.