Father Paulinus Hughes, C.P., St. Paul of the Cross Province (1898-1964)

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Born December 7, 1898 in Cambridge, Massachusetts he was the son of John and Mary Lennon Hughes. He graduated from a Cambridge public school and for two years attended public high school. In 1915 he entered the Passionist Preparatory Seminary in Baltimore, Maryland. He was inspired to join the Passionists due to attending a Passionist parish mission. He was professed as a Passionist on August 15, 1920 and was ordained a priest on March 12, 1927. After Sacred Eloquence he pursued his life as a Passionist preacher of parish missions. In 1933 ill health led him to stop preaching and he became a professor at Holy Cross Minor Seminary, Dunkirk, New York for one year. Once he regained his health he was back preaching until he was inducted into the Army during World War II. Father Hughes was discharged as a Lieutenant Colonel. He then returned to the mission band until 1961 when he decided that for health reasons he should take another assignment. So he worked as Chaplain of the Geriatrics Hospital of Hudson County, New Jersey. Eventually emphysema began to take a toll on him. In 1963 he moved to St. Gabriel’s Monastery, Brighton, Massachusetts.