Father Roch Adamek, C.P., Holy Cross Province (1918-1963)

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Born February 26, 1918 in Fargo, North Dakota, he was an altar boy at the Cathedral and went to the Cathedral School where he was taught by the Presentation Sisters. In 1923 he was present for a Passionist mission conducted by Passionist Fathers Justin and Theodore. He went to the Passionist Preparatory Seminary, Normandy, Missouri. He was known, even as a student for his ability to do repair work around the monastery which helped defray operating expenses. He professed his vows on July 10, 1939 and was ordained on June 30, 1945. He was assistant director and then director of the Prep School at Normandy. He was then elected Rector of the novitiate house in St. Paul, Kansas in the summer of 1953. After his second term as Rector was completed he was appointed Master of Novices at Kansas and reappointed to the position in 1962. On occasion he was a preacher of mission and retreats. It was known that he had a lingering cough and when it was checked out he was found to have cancer in the pancreas and lungs. It is from this that he died.