Father Ronan Dowd, C.P., Holy Cross Province (1915-1956)

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Born Hubert Dowd on April 19, 1915 at St. Paul, Kansas, he was the son of Patrick and Mary Dowd. He grew up in the shadows of the Passionist community who staffed St. Francis Church at St. Paul. After grade school he attended the local new high school at St. Paul, he boarded the “Katy” train for the Passionist Preparatory School at Normandy, Missouri. After four years he went to Louisville, Kentucky and entered the Passionist novitiate. He professed his vows on July 25, 1935 and received the name Ronan. Student life was spent at Cincinnati, Ohio, Detroit, Michigan, Chicago, Illinois and Louisville. He had an excellent ability in writing and public reading. He was ordained at the Cathedral of Assumption in Louisville on May 30, 1942. In the summer Father Dowd went to Holy Cross Monastery in Cincinnati where he studied Sacred Eloquence under Father Raphael Grashoff, C.P. Next he was assigned to Louisville, then Chicago, then back to Cincinnati and then finally to Des Moines, Iowa in June 1946. During this time he did a great deal of Sunday work and Forty Hours. In 1950 he gave a refresher course on preaching, such was his respect as a preacher. After five years Father Dowd was transferred to St. Paul, Kansas. In August 1953 Father Dowd became Vicar of Sacred Heart Retreat in Louisville. Then in the next Provincial Chapter he was named Rector of Louisville which at that time had a community of twenty-five priests, twelve students, and five lay brothers. He died at forty-one due to a heart attack. Father Conell Dowd, C.P. was his brother.