Father Simon Herdrich, C.P., Holy Cross Province (1853-1936)

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Born Joseph Herdrich November 10, 1853 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, there was a common story that he was born at sea. In 1872 he entered the Passionist novitiate in Pittsburgh. He professed his vows July 26, 1873. On October 18, 1879 he was ordained a Passionist at the Baltimore Cathedral. He ministered in Chicago, Illinois; Normandy, Missouri where he was the chaplain at St. Vincent’s Orphan Home for several years; and Cincinnati, Ohio. In 1882 he ministered at the County Institution at Snake Hill, New Jersey when two priests, Fathers Ambrose and Dominic, contracted smallpox and were confined to the West Hoboken, New Jersey monastery attic. Father Herdrich took their places for almost two years. There is a story that someone tried to poison him there! An avid preacher of parish missions, he loved talking to people. At the same time this small, well-built man could be quite temperamental. In part some of this may have been caused by frequent head pains and inner ear problems.