Father Teodoro Aguirre, C.P., St. Paul of the Cross Province (1921-1992)

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He was born in Binefar, Spain on March 13, 1921. He entered the Passionists and at Zaragoza professed his vows on October 23, 1938. He was ordained a Passionist priest on July 16, 1944 in Rome. He was not sure, due to World War II, if his family members in Spain were alive.

About eight years after ordination Fr. Aguirre was sent to Dublin, Ireland to study English. There he met the family of English Passionist Father Camillus Nolan who lived by Mount Argus Passionist monastery. In fact, for about three months he lived with the Nolan relatives while he studied English.

Father Aguirre, during the 1950s, obtained a Doctorate in Canon Law and taught seminarians in Spain. In the mid-1960s he was First Consultor of his province in Spain. From 1969 to 1973 Father Aguirre was in Venezuela where he was Pastor and Rector.

Father Aguirre ministered at St. Michael’s Monastery Parish and St Michael’s and St. Joseph’s Church in Union City from 1983 to 1992. So committed was he to the ministry that he left his home province and became a member of St. Paul of the Cross Province in the United States. He was well-respected, consistent, gentle, a good preacher, and energetic. He was most loved by both the Spanish-speaking and English-speaking people in Union City. He died on September 2, 1992.

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