Father Timothy Hurley, C.P., Holy Cross Province (1894-1961)

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Born Daniel Hurley on June 3, 1894 in Summit, Illinois, he went to live at the home of his uncle at a very early age. He lived on the South side of Chicago, Illinois. As a young man Daniel attended the De LaSalle Institute conducted by the Christian Brothers. There he learned shorthand and typing. Upon graduating he worked in the meat packing business and before he was twenty years old he was secretary to Roger Sullivan who was a political figure in Cook County, Chicago. In that capacity he assisted in the political campaign of Mr. Sullivan for governor of Illinois. After a visit to life-long friend Father Richard Hughes, C.P. who was then a student at Immaculate Conception Monastery, Chicago he began to contemplate entering the Passionists. In 1916 Daniel Hurley left for the Passionist Preparatory Seminary, Cincinnati, Ohio. He was professed on April 1, 1918. His religious name was Timothy. He was ordained on December 22, 1923 by Bishop Drumm in Des Moines, Iowa. One of his first assignments was pastor of Immaculate Conception Parish, in Chicago. He was there for sixteen months from December 1925 until March 1927. At that time the parish was heavily in debt and he made great efforts to rectify the situation. In 1929 he was made Provincial Secretary. This is where his educational skills proved worthwhile. At the same time he was also Holy Cross Province representative for Sign Magazine. He did not drive a car; so travel around Chicago was by street car hopping. Over time he got to know many of the Chicago clergy. After his term as Provincial Secretary he was a preacher of missions and retreats. He proved to be a pleasant speaker with a voice that could be heard in even large churches. He suffered a stroke which curtailed his preaching and this led him to do limited Sunday work. He died at St. Luke’s Hospital, Pasadena, California after suffering a stroke while taking a walk on the Sierra Madre, California property ten days prior to his death. Mayor Daley attended his wake in Chicago.