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Want to learn more about the world-wide expansion of Passionists in the 20th century? Begin with the Passionist publication Bolletino [Bulletin]. Published in Rome from 1920 to 1929 [volumes 1-10], primarily written in Italian and Latin, it offers readers official Passionist documentation and fascinating history, such as how the Passionists ministered in Bulgaria, South America, and China, and survived persecution in Mexico from 1914 to 1917. Interestingly, 1920-1922 [volumes 1-3] were translated into English and distributed from Holy Cross College, the Passionist foundation at Dunkirk, New York. Beginning in 1930 [volume 11] the journal was published in Rome in the same form under a new name: Acta Congregationis a SS. Cruce et Passione D.N.J.C. [Acts of the Congregation]. The Passionist Historical Archives in Union City has a complete set until 1977 [volume 27].

In 1977 the Passionist International Bulletin [PIB] commenced publication. It continues to the present day. As in the past, official Passionist documents are published and readers are kept up to date about a variety of world-wide ministries. The PIB is published in English as well as other languages. Truly, there is much to still discover about Passionist history.

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