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The Passionists arrived in Baltimore, Maryland in 1865. By 1868 they had built a monastery three miles west of downtown on the well-traveled thoroughfare heading west to Frederick, Maryland. In 1874 the area around the monastery became known as Irvington. One of the most fascinating documents from that era is The Record of Deaths within the district attended from the Monastery. Commencing with the year 1873. Prior to which time no regular record has been kept.

Listed, irregularly, until 1888 are approximately 150 names of individuals to whom the Passionists ministered at the time of their death. Each entry identifies Name & Surname, Residence, Date of death, Age, Sickness, Burial Place, Day of Burial, Whether or not the person received the sacraments; and Remarks. The data shows the racism of the day noting Black Catholics as “colored.” Medical historians might be interested to know about the various causes of death. Historians of cemeteries might want to go and see if they can find the graves of the individuals buried at St. Agnes Cemetery, Loudon Park, Old and New Cathedral Cemetery, and St. Peter’s Cemetery.

In time, the hope is that this information will be published in a small booklet and sold to the public for a modest price in order to offset the expenses of the Passionist Historical Archives in its service to researchers.

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