“Old Tin Chapel,” Holy Cross Church, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 1883.

The “Old Tin Chapel” pictured above was opened to public worship on January 6, 1883 with Fr. Fidelis Kent Stone, C.P preaching. This church was in service until the opening of the new Holy Cross Church on Passion Sunday, March 11, 1894.

In 1879 the first Passionist Fathers came out from Ireland and instituted churches, schools and missions at intervals, as the funds came in. The Mission of Buenos Aires subsequently passed into the hands of the American Passionists. Below are articles about them and their mission there.

The Passionist Mission in Argentina: by Dora Schwartz
The American Weekly of Buenos Aires. June 14, 1924

American Passionists in Argentina: by Father Peter Maguirre, C.P.
The American Weekly of Buenos Aires. July 4, 1926