Passionist Missionary Groups sent to China 1921-1948

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Passionists were assigned to China in groups during the following years. All are priests except for Brother Budde in the first group.

  • 1921: Celestine Roddan, Superior; Flavian Mullins, Raphael Vance, Agatho Purtill, Timothy McDermott, Brother Lambert Budde
  • 1922: Dominic Langenbacher, Paul Ubinger, Kevin Murray
  • 1923: Quentin Olwell, Dunstan Thomas, Arthur Benson, Constantine Leech, Edmund Campbell
  • 1924: Cuthbert O’Gara, Theophane Maguire, Rupert Langenbacher, Terence Connolly, Basil Bauer, Jeremiah McNamara, Ernest Cunningham, Godfrey Holbein, Clement Seybold, Anthony Maloney,Cyprian Frank, Gregory McEttrick, William Westhoven
  • 1926: Jordan Black, Miles McCarthy, Cormac Shanahan, Caspar Conley
  • 1928: Francis Flaherty, Nicholas Schneiders, Walter Coveyou,Thomas Dempsey
  • 1929: Ronald Norris, Michael Anthony Campbell, Edward Joseph McCarthy
  • 1930: Antoine de Groeve, Alfred Cagney
  • 1931: Leo Berard, Linus Lombard, Denis Fogarty
  • 1932: Bonaventure Griffiths, Germain Heilman, Alban Carroll, Joachim Beckes
  • 1933: Harold Travers, James Lambert, Cyprian Leonard, Sidney Turner, James Carney
  • 1935: Reginald Arliss, Marcellus White, Justin Moore
  • 1938: Wendelin Moore, Caspar Caulfield, Kieran Richardson
  • 1940: Vernard Johnson, Leonard Amrhein, William Whelan, Linus McSheffrey, Aloysius O’Malley
  • 1946: Justin Garvey, Lawrence Mullin, Jerome Does, Ernest Hotz, Ronald Beaton, Ernan Johnston, John Baptist Maye, Dominic M. Cohee, Regis Boyle
  • 1948: Thomas M. Berry, Roger Gannon, Anselm Lacomara, Julius Durkan, Carl Schmitz, Paul Placek, Justinian Gilligan, Hilarion Walters

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