Letter from Dr. Rick Frechette to Passionist Parishes, January 2010

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January, 2010

Dear Parishioners,

With permission of your Pastor, I am making this appeal for our Mission in Haiti which was devastated by the recent earthquake. Father Rick Frechette, C.P. a Passionist priest and physician runs the Saint Damien of Molokai Pediatric Hospital in Port au Prince.

Father has been serving in Haiti for the last 22 years. Most recently he has been overseeing the 120 bed children’s hospital. The hospital provides long-term care to critically ill children and provides outpatient service to over 30,000 children and adults each year. According to Fr. Rick, the hospital has been severely damaged by Tuesday’s earthquake. Parts of the hospital and the chapel have collapsed entirely, in addition to much of the wall surrounding the property.

Fr. Rick was in the U.S. attending to his dying mother at the time of the earthquake but is already on his way back to Haiti. Even prior to the earthquake, Fr. Rick has stated that he has never seen any place as devastated as Haiti with its heartbreaking poverty and desperate living conditions. This latest event compounds what is already a severely distressed city and country, with children being the most vulnerable to the effects of this cataclysmic occurrence.

Please send a donation today to help Fr. Rick in his vital Ministry of Haiti’s Children.

Having lived in Haiti for many years, Fr. Rick will be able to assess where the need is greatest and use your contribution to its maximum potential. With ongoing waves of injured and orphaned children needing immediate attention, 100% of your donation will go to Fr. Rick and his ministry to the neediest of children. Surely we are witnessing the Passion of Christ unfolding in Haiti. As a Passionist, I hope that together we can help us shoulder this cross.

Thank you,

Father Joe Jones, C.P.


The Passionist Missionaries, 80 David Street. South River, NJ 08882. Please make a notation on the check that the funds should go to Fr. Rick/Haiti

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