Passionists Haiti Appeal Draft

Dear Friend of the Passionists,

In the midst of the devastating earthquake in Haiti, I am praising God today for a son’s selfless dedication and a mother’s loving sacrifice.

Let me share a message I received the very day of the earthquake from Father Rick Frechette, a Passionist priest and doctor who ministers in Haiti among the poorest of the poor, especially children. Father Rick writes:

I have been home with my dying mother, as a son and as a doctor and as a priest. Daily mass, managing her pain medicines, helping in any way I can. I was determined to stay with her to the end, especially since my whole adult life I have been far from home in the foreign missions.

I have to tell you, every day at mass, when I ask mom if she has any special intentions, she says,”for you, for God to keep you strong, and for your mission in Haiti.”

Now we have this huge sadness in Haiti. I told her I have to leave for a while. She said to me, “you have to go. The problems there are worse than mine.”

Father Rick immediately flew to Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic. There he met some Passionist volunteers and together they made their way to Haiti. Father Rick continues:

I know there is extensive damage at our new hospital. I also know there is severe damage at the old hospital in Petionville. Let’s pray everyone is alright. Let’s stay bound together in friendship and prayer. God bless us all…especially the suffering people of Haiti, and my dear mother, Gerri Frechette.

Please consider a donation to help Father Rick help the people of Haiti recover from this devastating earthquake.

Father Rick’s ministry includes a children’s hospital and several medical clinics in Haiti. He also founded a large orphanage and a number of small schools, bringing basic education to the children in their own areas.

This extensive Passionist mission in Haiti brings hope to an extremely poor and neglected region in the poorest country of the Western Hemisphere. Now more than ever, the hurting people of Haiti are looking to the Passionists for hope and encouragement.

Your gift today can make a significant difference to the people we serve in Haiti.

For all you do for the Passionists and the suffering of our world, I am sincerely and forever grateful. May the Lord’s peace be with you today and always!

Give Help and Hope to the People of Haiti through the Haiti Hospital Relief Fund

May the passion of Jesus Christ be ever in your heart,

Local Superior Signature

P.S. Please give as generously as you can to support Father Rick’s ministry to the poorest of the poor in Haiti. And please give a prayer of thanks to God for the loving support and selfless sacrifice of his dear mother Gerri. Thank you.

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