St. Mary, Dunkirk List of Rectors at St. Mary’s Monastery (1863-1965)

Beginning of TermName
1863John Baptist Baudinelli, C.P.
1866Guido Matassi, C.P.
1869Martin Meagher, C.P.
1872Basil Keating, C.P.
1875Basil Keating; C.P. died April 10, 1878
Alphonsus Rossiter, C.P, became rector.
1878John Baptist Baudinelli, C.P.
1881Guido Matassi, C.P.
1884Stephen Kealy, C.P.
1887Stephen Kealy, C.P.
1890John Baptist Baudinelli, C.P.
1893No rector because of inability to keep full observance.
Monastery made mission house, (Felix Ward, C,P., Superior).
Rector Felix Ward, C.P. on November 20, 1895 when House again made monastery
1896Stephen Kealy, C.P.
1899Albert Phelan, C P.
1902Mark Moeslein, C.P.
1905Alphonsus Rossiter died April 1, 1906. Basil, Malone, C.P. became rector
1968Linus Monahan, C.P.
1911Clement Lee; C.P.
1914Herbert McDevitt, C.P.
In 1914 the office of pastor was separated from that of rector.
(Oswin McGibbon, C.P. became first pastor)
1917Clement Lee, C.P.
1920Hilarion O’Rourke, C.P.
1923Felix Ward, C.P.
1926Hilarion O’Rourke, C.P.
1929No rector. House again loses status
1932No rector. House restored in 1933. Caspar Conley, C.P. became rector.
1936Adelbert Poletti, C.P.
1938Ernest Welch, C.P.
1941Agatho Dukin, C.P.
1944John Joseph Endler, C.P.
1947Roger Monson, C.P.
1950Egbert Gossart, C.P.
1953Rupert Langenstein, C.P.
1956Walter Wynn, C.P.
1959Gerard Anthony Orlando, C.P.
1962Brian Burke, C.P.
1965Basil Stockmeyer, C.P.

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