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Morgan Hanlon, C.P., Editor

I wish to apologize for the lateness of this issue of the Passionist Heritage Newsletter. In November I was in the hospital for a few procedures and on January 4th I was admitted at NYU Medical Center in Manhattan for an operation, an iliac-femoral bypass. I was discharged from the Medical Center on January 15th and came over to Castle Hill Health Center which is only 3 blocks up the street from our residence in the old SIGN Building. Here I have been getting physical therapy and also giving the wounds a chance to heal.I expect to be going to our facility in West Hartford around February 5th. Anyway, I want to give credit where credit is due, and credit is due especially for this issue to Ms. Anita Lewis, my secretary and assistant in the Archives. Anita has done a splendid job in every task I’ve given her, and she’s provided me with a great deal of help. So this issue is dedicated to Anita Lewis.

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