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I have been asked by several of our readers “What’s the delay in getting out the next issue of the Heritage Newsletter?” The interest shown by so many of you is very gratifying to us. It indicates that the Heritage Newsletter, first published in March 1993, not only has an interested readership but seems to be filling a need.

The delay has been caused basically by changes in staffing here in the Archives. Our very efficient secretary, Mrs. Rosalie Mescall, gave birth to a baby, young Andrew Mescall, at the end of April. After twelve weeks of maternity leave, Rosalie decided to resign her position here. After a certain amount of scrambling, I was able to temporarily hire Ms. Mariann Natalicchio who had worked for eight years in the Seton Hall archives and was presently a teacher at the nearby Holy Rosary Academy. (The Academy closed its doors permanently in June.) In early September Mariann, who desired to continue in teaching, left the archives to begin teaching at a parish school in Secaucus, NJ. I was then very fortunate in being able to hire Sr. Anita Lewis, a Pallottine Sister who had been a Guidance Counselor at the same Academy. What is exceptional about this is that, as Ms. Anita Lewis, while a postulant with the Pallottines, Sr. Anita had worked here for Fr. Caspar Caulfield C.P. and myself as our secretary back in 1991. She is familiar with the archives, with computers and has some knowledge of archival procedure. Welcome back, Anita!

Another departure from our normal routine has been the decision by Holy Cross Province to hire our co-editor, Fr. Rob Carbonneau, C.P., Ph.D. to research and write the life of their great Scripture scholar Fr. Barnabas Ahearn C.P. Rob has just moved to Chicago and will reside at C.T.U. Rob has been responsible over the years for writing some of the best articles in the Newsletter as well as for getting others to write for us. It is my fervent wish that he will continue to do so in the future. Buona fortuna, Rob! Our prayers and best wishes and thanks go with you.

Morgan P. Hanlon, C.P.
Editor and Provincial Archivist

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