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On January 1, 2001 I was assigned to St. Michael’s Residence, Union City, New Jersey as Province Historian and Director of the Passionist Historical Archives. Preserving Passionist history and educational outreach is my primary ministry. During the course of the year I hope to make an historical visitation of St. Paul of the Cross Province and assist each Passionist community organize their archives and Passionist memorabilia. The sesquicentennial celebration at Philadelphia on Labor Day 2002 offers us the luxury of spiritual and historical reflection renewal.

In order to prepare Passionists and friends of the Passionists to fully enter into the depth of one hundred and fifty years of Passionist presence in North America the Passionist Historical Archives Web Site will offer two opportunities to learn about Passionist history. They are Sesquicentennial Passionist Obituaries and Sesquicentennial Reflections.

Every day, beginning on September 1, 2001 just go to www.passionistarchives.org. There you will find an obituary biographical summary of the Passionists from St. Paul of the Cross and Holy Cross Provinces who died on that day. Between September 1, 2001 and September 1, 2002 you will have the opportunity to learn about the life and ministry of over seven hundred United States Passionists. If you miss a day just go back to the web site and click on the link labeled Sesquicentennial Obituaries and read about those deceased Passionists you missed.

Another feature will be Sesquicentennial Reflections. These short essays will explore various historical moments from the Passionist past.

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