Lent 2022: Visual meditation on the Passionists in Jamaica Estates, Queens, New York

Lent 2022: Visual meditation on the Passionists in Jamaica Estates, Queens, New York

Passionists were invited to the Brooklyn diocese in 1923. In 1930 Immaculate Conception Monastery was opened as residence for the religious priests and brothers as well as those candidates who hoped to become members. Eventually, Immaculate Conception Parish and Retreat House were constructed. Over the years, the Passionists have continued to adapt these buildings keeping in mind their commitment to lead a common life of prayer, penance and solitude as well as to teach others to meditate on the Passion of Jesus Christ as proclaimed by their founder, St. Paul of the Cross (1694-1775).

Seen above is an this historic pre-1950 postcard of the Passionist property in the Jamaica Estates. Identified is Immaculate Conception Parish Church and Monastery. To the bottom right is the R.C. Degnon Estate. He was a practicing Catholic and constructed the Estates’ sewer, utilities and street grid. When the Passionist decided to build a modern retreat house in 1950, that estate house was destroyed.

Look at the image below. See a 1957 blueprint of this Passionist property.

Meditation: Religious architecture reminds us we are participants in a sacred story. Even today the diversity of these buildings encourage us to pray and witness to our faith.

Visitors are always welcome at the Passionist ministries in Jamaica, New York.

For information on Immaculate Conception Monastery, Passionist Provincial Offices, Passionist Missions and Thomas Berry Place see https://thepassionists.org/passionists/missions

For information on Immaculate Conception Monastery Parish see: https://iccjamaica.org/