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Social media now provides us the the opportunity to visit the Shrine to St. Gabriel at San Grasso, Italy which is located about two hours from Rome Click on this link:


Meditaing on art is an engaging way to bring Saint Gabriel into our daily lives. Here is part of a reflection written by Ann Severance, a parishoner at St. Joseph’s Monastey Church, Baltimore, Maryland entitled “Praying with the Windows: St. Gabriel Possenti, Passionist, and the Beginning of Lent.”                                                                                  

One of the side altars in St. Joseph’s Monastery church is dedicated to the Passionist Saint Gabriel of the Sorrowful Virgin. His feast day is February 27 and this year falls during the first week of Lent. The window above the altar can help us reflect on both the life and charism of St. Gabriel and on the Passion of Jesus. Gabriel was born in 1838, in Italy, entered the Passionist order in 1857, and died very young, at age 24, from tuberculosis. He was canonized the Patron Saint of Youth.

The window is a triptych with three panes, and together they present a powerful visual representation of Jesus crucified, His embodiment in the Holy Eucharist, and the special role that Mary, His Virgin Mother, has in the Church. Gabriel, seen kneeling beneath the cross, had a profound devotion to the suffering and death of Jesus, and to Mary, the Sorrowful Mother, two major themes in Passionist spirituality. The Passionist sign appears on either side of him.

The left triptych reminds us that Saint Gabriel was designated the paron of youth by Pope Benedict XV in 1920

The right triptycht includes the date 1932 which was the date that the St. Joseph’s Monastey Church was dedicated, It shows young people, presumably from Baltimore, gathered together under the crosss of the suffering Jesus. Devotion to the suffering, death and resurretion of Jesus is the foundation of Passionist spirituality and founder St. Paul of the Cross.

As you look at this stained glass window and think about Saint Gabriel say a special prayer

  • for a person you know is carrying a heavy personal cross
  • be open to the way that God’s graces might lead you to safely visit your local church
  • donate time as a volunteer or make a donation to those in need
  • seeking training so as to be able to minister in the church
  • consider whether you might be called to a religious vocation as a Passionist religious priest, brother or sister.

Buy and read a book on St. Gabriel

There are many Passionist web sources about Saint Gabriel that can help you strengthen your faith. Click on this link:


Learn the truth: no historical evidence exists which verifies that Saint Gabriel Possenti is the paton of handguns. The notion is built on a fabricated story. Click on this link: