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The author of this letter (whose name we omit) and his mother were cared for in the 1930s by our missionaries and the Sisters of Charity in Yuanling. He visited the American Provinces a few years ago.

Morgan P. Hanlon, C.P.

(Lk 2:14)

December 1, 1995

As Christmas approaches I’m very glad to write and say “Merry Christmas and Happy New Year” to you and all your loved ones. May God grant you His peace promised on that first Christmas night.

Please join me in giving thanks to our Lord at the end of this year. With His blessings I’ve spent the year happily and peacefully even though I had some trouble with both my feet now and then. For more than half a year, I was unable to go anywhere but had to stay home doing some translation work. In May I finished translating from English into Chinese The Constitutions and Statutes of the Congregation of the Sisters of Mercy of Saint Vincent de Paul of Szatmar for some Chinese Sisters here to refer to.

On the evening of September 2, two American women from Chicago came to see me unexpectedly. They introduced themselves as Marc and Nancy. They had received my address from Mrs. Irene Horst, one of my good friends in Chicago. As non-official women delegates, Marc and Nancy had come to Beijing for the World Women’s Conference. Mindless of any possible bothers, they came to my house for friendship in their spare time.

On September 12, I left Beijing for the south to meet and accompany Fathers Marcellus White and Hilarion Walters who came to visit Continent China. We visited ten cities and two villages in twenty days. Father Marcellus is 87 years old this year. Sixty years ago as a Passionist missionary, he came to Yuanling, Western Hunan, my native home. He worked in China evangelizing from 1935 until 1950 when he was arrested and put in jail by the Communist government. While in prison for four years, he suffered very much. Having been a chaplain of the American Flying Tigers, who helped China fight against the Japanese invaders during World War II, he was driven out of China in 1954. Nevertheless he has kept his Catholic and Chinese heart all these years. Since 1986 when China was open enough to the world, he has come back six times to visit his Chinese Christians. He never forgets them. I had the honor of being his visiting companion. Each time I noticed how warmly his Christians welcomed him, tears in their eyes. I also noticed his fatherly love and care shown to his former “sheep” and his genuine friendship towards the Chinese people.

After I saw the two American Passionist Fathers off on October 2, I continued writing my Bible Stories for Youngsters. Getting older year after year, I wish to leave a gift to them before I go to the judgment of my Creator. As my time or energy or ability is very limited, I need your prayerful aid. Please be sure you are kept unforgettable in my heart for your love, kindness and generosity shown to me.

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