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None of us expected this Palm Sunday to be without palms. Attending religious services and coming home with palms it such as common ritual. So, together, let us mediate on this 2008 photo from the Passionist China Collection to appreciate some of common rituals that we are sharing as we live through this 2020 during the Covid-19 Pandemic.

Together, we are in awe of the selfless sacrifice, courage and skill of all those who care for us to maintain our health, security and provide us with the daily necessities of our lives.

Together, as we “shelter-in-place” by ourselves, with family or among friends, we seek to balance how layered access to technology, defining solitude versus loneliness and understanding of relationships continues to be the life blood essential to our personal mental, communal and spiritual well-being.

Together, as we seek to understand and ponder the dynamics of government leadership. nationality and citizenship, we are acutely aware that we are global citizens living in a shared economy and and common ecosystem.

Together, as we cry in the solitude of our hearts, we find we are able to wash away fear.

Together, we watch the news and social media to find that we ourselves are the news united by social media.

Together, what is most certain has become uncertain.

Together. the new abnormal has become our normal

Yes, although. it is true that so many of us begin this 2020 Holy Week without palms, together, let us continue to embrace these new rituals of life with unwavering faith. Let us have faith that God is with us, and we are with God.

Each day, let us take the steps that enable us to walk on our respective paths in life. Each day, let us mourn those who die around us. On Easter, let us welcome the peace of the Jesus Christ risen. Through these days of the pandemic, he has been with us as we have carried our cross. Moving into the future, he will continue to be with us. With confidence and faith let us ask that he surprise us in the many ways that we can take up our cross and be give the grace that our burdens will be light. .

May the Passion of Jesus Christ Be Always In Our Heart.

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