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This photo is from Passionist Historical Archives binder 016.,77 titled Ordinations.

Included is basic information on Passionists associated with the American venture and beyond from 1839 till 1978 which so happens to be the year that, I, Rob Carbonneau was ordained a priest.

Some, not all the years, include a group photo. What makes the 1924 photo valuable is the identification of these Passionists. How might some selected men teach us about Passionist history?

First, basic research indicates this photo was taken in 1920 or earlier because that was the year Pius Buchele died.

Second, those identified in green were ordained early to be sent to the China missions.

Third, I have selected additional men who had an impact on diverse Passionist ministries.

Indications are all the men except those in bold black followed the same steps towards ordination. Notes provided the following information: Tonsure and Minor Orders conferred in Union City Choir by His Excellency Most Reverend Paul Nussbaum, C.P., D.D. on June 4, 5, 6, 1922; Sub deaconate in Monastery Choir, Union City, from Bishop Nussbaum, June 3, 1923; Deaconate at St. Michael’s Monastery Church, Union City, by Bishop Nussbaum, October 7, 1923. Priesthood in the same church by the same prelate on June 14, 1924. [NB: All these events took place in West Hoboken, New Jersey. In 1925 West Hoboken and Union Hill were incorporated as Union City]

Who is in the photo?

4th row Hubert Sweeney, James Francis Solleder, Albert Curran, Andrew ?, Lucian Ducie, Justin Mulcahy, Ralph Gorman, Kenan Carey, Terence Connelly, Gordion O’Rellly, Hilary McGowan.

3rd row: Cajetan ?, Neil McBrearty, John Baptist Kerr, Basil Bauer,

2nd row: Godfrey Holbein, Ignatius Ryan, Ernest Cunningham, Victor McCaffery, Conan O’Brien, Clement Seybold, Canice Gardner, Regis Boyle, Norbert ? Theophane Maguire,

1st row: Pius Buchele, Timothy ?, Jeremiah McNamara, Alan McEachen, Rupert Langenbacher, Vincent Connors, Bernardine ?, Sylvester Grace, Gerald ?

How did these Passionists preach the message of Jesus Crucified to the peoples of the world?

Lucian Ducie: went on to become a renown retreat house preacher. Learn more »

Pius Buchele: died from the flu pandemic in 1920. Learn more »

Terence Connelly Basil Bauer, Ernest Cunningham, Theophane Maguire Rupert Langenbacher, Jeremiah McNamara Clement Seybold Godfrey Holbein: These eight Chinese missionaries were sent to Pittsburgh for special medical training. They received all Orders up to Subdeaconate inclusive with the class of 1924. Deaonate was conferred at Latrobe, [Pennsylvania] by Bishop Boyle of Pittsburgh. The same Prelate ordained them to the priesthood at Latrobe on October 28, 1923.

Holbein and Seybold were killed by bandits in China on April 24, 1929. Learn more »

Neil McBrearty was assigned to India. Learn more »

Ralph Gorman was a Scripture scholars and editor for The Sign Magazine. Learn more »

More photos will teach us more how Passionists preach Christ Crucified.