The Passionist Bulletin, May 3, 1943

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“There is a wealth of material found in the past numbers of our Bolletino and Acta Congregationis that has never been translated and we feel confident would be extremely interesting and inspirational. Our Missionaries often do wonderful work that comes to the knowledge of only a few of the Brethren. Our Army-Chaplains need our prayers and appreciation. Many little facts take place in the quiet of our Retreats, which if made known would do much for good-fellowship. Our Holy Rule contains a wealth of ascetical material, which if studied and worked out would bring us all to the conclusion that we need hardly any other spiritual reading besides its pages. It not seldom happens that we receive a death notice of one of our own whom we did not even suspect that he was sick.”

  • Prayer p. 1
  • Plans pp. 2-3
  • The Life of Reparation (Translated from “Les Trois Ages” of Garrigou-Lagrange, by Cfr. Berran, C.P.) pp. 4-7
  • “A Saint Builds A Retreat,” by Fr. Declan, Novice C.P. pp. 8-10
  • “The Passion of Our Lord According to the Angelic Doctor” by Cfr. Joel, C.P., pp. 10-13
  • Chronicle
    • General Curia p. 14.
      • Due to World War II, the Passionist General Chapter of 1943 was postponed indefinitely. “General Superior are confirmed in Office for the duration of the war.”
      • General Consultor Bonaventure Oberst was in the hospital in Halstead, Kansas
    • About Our Missionaries pp. 14-15
      • “Shadows of Father Fidelis Henry, Alexander” Father Cletus and Paschal give a parish mission at St. Patrick’s, Fort Worth, Texas. March 10-21, 1943
      • Colored Missions p. 15
        • On March 21, 1943, in Fairfield, Alabama, Bishop T. J. Toolen of Mobile, Alabama dedicated St. Mary’s Mission Church for the Colored. The mission church had been started by the Passionists in the summer of 1942 and was six miles away from St. Anthony’s Church in Ensley where the pastor was Father Christopher.
      • China Mission p. 15
        • Father Harold Travers, C.P. and Bishop Cuthbert O’Gara, C.P.
    • Our Army Chaplains pp. 16-19
  • Immaculate Conception Retreat, Chicago, Illinois pp. 19-20
  • Sacred Heart Retreat, Louisville, Kentucky, pp. 20-21
  • Our Lady of Good Counsel Retreat, St. Louis, Missouri, p. 20
  • Holy Cross Monastery, Cincinnati, Ohio, pp.20-21
  • Mater Delorosa Retreat, Sierra Madre, California, p. 21
  • St. Paul Monastery, Detroit, Michigan, pp. 21-24
  • Publications p. 24
  • Requiesant in Pace p. 25